100 Years Ago: Plastic Surgery at Ontario Government Hospital, Ad for Carnation Milk

The Intelligencer August 15, 1918 (page 1)

“Shattered Men Given New Faces by Process Startling in Effect. London. The members of the party of Canadian newspaper men now touring the British Isles as the guests of the Ministry of Information have made a tour of inspection of the Ontario Government Hospital. The hospital has two thousand beds and personnel of corresponding proportions and is among the largest Canadian institutions of its kind in Great Britain. …

To speak of a soldier’s honorable scars has long been part of the common currency of expression but some scars, despite the honor they deserve are so utterly gruesome as to rouse a feeling of repulsion, if not nausea. …

From the point of view of restoring the shattered human mechanism to approximate efficiency, it is probable that there are other classes of work more urgent and more vital but as a matter of personal impression both on account of the comparative novelty and tragic interest the department of plastic surgery stands out vividly, compelling wonder and admiration.

In the argot of ‘shop’ this department is known as ‘the beauty parlor’ but I venture to say that for those who pass through its doors the place means the whole difference between regeneration and a living death.”

The Intelligencer August 15, 1918 (page 5)

Advert for Carnation Milk

“Use More Milk. Let milk play a bigger part in your daily diet. Use more milk—for health’s sake. Use more milk—for economy’s sake. Use more milk—for loyalty’s sake.

At this season of the year you should use lots of milk. Drink it at every meal—as a food. Let it take the place of meat, bacon, and other foods needed ‘over there.’

Make Carnation Milk Week August 15th to August 22nd—a memorial week in your home.

‘From Contented Cows.’ Carnation Milk Products Co.