100 Years Ago: Belleville Wins Honor Flag, Night Classes Popular, Active Madoc Worker, Tram Car Model, Walter Renfrew Awarded Victoria Cross, Poster for Victory Bonds

The Intelligencer November 16, 1918 (page 1)

“Belleville Wins Honor Flag. Goes Over Top Today. Belleville reached its objective of $700,000 this morning, and at two o’clock this afternoon a presentation of the Honor Flag was made in front of the City Hall. While it is a great relief to the people of the old city to know that they have not failed in the last call on their patriotism, our total is not much that we boast of it. Therefore, everyone should come and buy Bonds to their utmost before twelve o’clock tonight. …

In Deseronto last night at Naylor’s Opera House an enthusiastic rally for the Victory Loan was held in the course of a picture show. Pte. Wm. Davies made his usual forceful appeal to the citizens of Deseronto to come forward at the last minute and buy Bonds to maintain the honor of their town and County of Hastings. The reply to his appeal was large and enthusiastic. Over a dozen members of the audience came to the front and gave their applications.”

The Intelligencer November 16, 1918 (page 1)

“Night Classes Popular. The business brought before the Board of Education meeting last night was despatched with precision and the session was soon concluded. …  A memorial was presented from Mr. J. M. Greene of Peterboro, requesting the Belleville Board to assist in petitioning the Government to change the word Kindergarten as it was of German origin.

Principal McLaurin of the High School wrote that there was enrolled 204 pupils at the night school. The average attendance per night for October was 113. The communication outlined the subjects being taught and who were teaching them.”

The Intelligencer November 16, 1918 (page 5)

“An Active Worker. Miss Cross, of Madoc, who has now completed 463 pairs of hand-knitted socks for the soldiers at the front, attended both the morning and the parade in the evening on Monday as a guest of honor in the Red Cross car with the officials of the branch. Miss Cross not only knitted constantly, but gave substantially in every way to all the calls of the society, the officers and members of which have a warm spot in their hearts for her work.”

The Intelligencer November 16, 1918 (page 5)

“Artistic Scroll Work. A correct model of a tram car such as are in vogue in the City of London, England, and possibly in other places is on exhibition in the window of Mr. J. Fenn’s store, in this city. It is scroll work artistically executed and was made by Mr. Harry Lennox of this city. At the back the words carved out are ‘Buy Victory Bonds.’ The model is complete in all of its details and it certainly reflects great credit upon Lennox, who made it.”

The Intelligencer November 16, 1918 (page 5)

“Awarded Victoria Cross. Sergt. Harry Renfrew of Hybla, North Hastings, has just received the pleasing intelligence that his son Walter has been awarded the Victoria Cross for conspicuous bravery on the field. It was at the battle of Amiens. The commander of the machine gun section, of which the young hero was a member, got hit, and while attending him, Renfrew saw a body of Germans approaching. He took charge of the gun and mowed down twenty of the enemy before he got a wound that put him out of business. He was the youngest boy in the battalion, and went overseas when he was eighteen years of age. His wound was not serious, and he is recovering rapidly.”

The Intelligencer November 16, 1918 (page 7)

“To-Night On the Stroke of Twelve. This is the last day you can buy Victory Bonds—1918.

Your last chance to help Canada wind up the war as she fought it. To help Canada bring her soldier sons home to wives, mothers and children. To help Canada in her big peace problems of demobilization and re-establishment of our soldiers in civil life.

This is probably your very last chance to buy at par Canadian Government Bonds bearing 5 ½ per cent interest and free from Federal Taxation.

For your country’s sake—in your own interest, Buy Victory Bonds Now.”