100 Years Ago: Coal Shortage Not Ended, Women Voters, John Thomas Hutchinson Dies

The Intelligencer November 23, 1918 (page 6)

“Coal Shortage Has Not Ended. ‘The anthracite coal shortage has not ended with the near approach of peace, and an imperative need for conservation and economy still exists,’ declares Mr. E. L. Cousins, Associate Fuel Administrator for Ontario. ‘We must continue to exercise the utmost care in the use of hard coal if we are to avoid a repetition of the distressing conditions existing a year ago. The exceptionally mild weather of late eased to some extent a serious situation but decreased production at the mines due to the Flu’ and the peace celebrations has offset this, and the net position has not been improved to any marked extent.

Consumers throughout Ontario must reconcile themselves to a period of coal shortage , and it will be necessary for the domestic consumer to continue the use of substitutes, such as soft coal and the smaller sizes of anthracite, while the larger consumers must do likewise to the fullest possible extent. …  The Fuel Administration is taking a survey of the large users of coal in Ontario. …  The information now being gathered will really be a census of the boilers and furnaces and their types and styles in the Province and with such information available the Fuel Administration will be able to judge whether a consumer can burn soft coal in his heating apparatus.”

The Intelligencer November 23, 1918 (page 7)

“Women Voters. Women entitled to vote should see that their names are on the City Voters List. The time for appeals expires next week and no names can be added to the Voters List after that. Women, who are property owners, or who have a salary or income of $400 and are British subjects are entitled to vote and should visit the City Hall and see that their names are on the Voters List.”

The Intelligencer November 23, 1918 (page 7)

“Pte. Hutchinson Dead. Mrs. John Hutchinson, 11 Harriett Street, has received the following message from the Director of Records at Ottawa referring to her son: ‘Deeply regret to inform you that Pte. John Thomas Hutchinson, infantry, officially died of pneumonia, No. 4 Scottish General Hospital, Glasgow, November 18. On Thursday Mrs. Hutchinson received word that her son was seriously ill. Great sympathy is felt for her in the death of her soldier son.”

[Note: Private John Thomas Hutchinson died on November 18, 1918. He is commemorated on Page 434 of the First World War Book of Remembrance.]