100 Years Ago: Christmas Boxes for Sailors

The Intelligencer November 26, 1918 (page 3)

“Christmas Boxes For The Sailors. An interested and well attended meeting of the Belleville Branch of the Navy League of Canada, was held in the High School Room, Friday evening, Nov. 22nd. …  Acting under instructions from head quarters a new department was formed, that of ‘Convenor of Sailors’ Comforts.’ Mrs. Alexander Ray was elected convenor of this department, which will be more particularly under instructions from headquarters from time to time as conditions may develop.

This department with the promised assistance from the other patriotic societies of the city hope to send a number of Christmas comfort bags to Halifax early in December. The convenor will be glad to receive any private donations for this purpose either in articles or cash; the articles specified are socks, mufflers, mitts, handkerchiefs, brier and clay pipes, tobacco, matches, safety razors, cards or puzzles, small books, writing pads, pencils, housewives, etc. …

In making up parcels for loved ones overseas, do not forget that every parcel sent overseas only reaches its destination through the bravery of the merchant marine and the protection of the British Navy. In thinking of those ‘over there,’ think also of those ‘out there.’ ”