100 Years Ago: Ad for Doyle’s Drug Store, Rodman Clark Newton Safe in England, Dance at Johnstone’s Academy, National Thanksgiving, Belleville Soldiers’ Monument, Called by Death: Thomas Peter Wims, Poster for War-Savings Stamps

The Intelligencer November 30, 1918 (page 4)

Ad for Doyle's Drug Store“ ‘His Master’s Voice. Records for December out To-Day. Same Price before the War—during the War—And Now The War Is Over.

Berliner Gram-o-phone Company.

The Above Machines and Records Are on Sale at Doyle’s Drug Store. You are welcome to come in any time and play any of Our Large Assortment of Records.”

The Intelligencer November 30, 1918 (page 7)

“Safe in England. Mrs. J. Newton, who resides at 46 Hillcrest Avenue, received the following cablegram from the Canadian Red Cross. It refers to her son who was a prisoner of Germany for the past five and one-half years:—’London. Nov. 29, 1918. Mrs. Newton, 46 Hillcrest Avenue, Belleville. R. Newton, 113457, safe in England. Canadian Red Cross.’ ”

The Intelligencer November 30, 1918 (page 7)

“A Successful Dance. Under the auspices of Argyll Chapter I.O.D.E. a dance was held last night in Johnston’s Academy and it proved to be a most enjoyable function. A large number were present and enjoyed themselves in the light fantastic until an early hour this morning. A most appropriate programme of music was furnished by the Sprague orchestra under the able direction of Mr. Frank Robinson. The assembly room presented an attractive appearance, being suitably decorated for the occasion. At the midnight hour a tempting luncheon was served. The proceeds amounting to a considerable sum will be applied to worthy objects.”

The Intelligencer November 30, 1918 (page 7)

“National Thanksgiving. In accordance with the request of the Dominion Government tomorrow will be observed as a national thanksgiving for the blessings of peace as the result of the great and complete victory of the allied nations over the Central Powers. Special services in keeping with the occasion will be held in all churches tomorrow and a union service will be held in Griffin’s Theatre beginning at four o’clock tomorrow afternoon participated in by the clergy and civic authorities.”

The Intelligencer November 30, 1918 (page 7)

“Soldiers’ Monument. The heroic sacrifice of Belleville soldiers who have given their lives for the Empire will be commemorated by the erection of a soldiers’ monument and a movement has been started by the members of the 15th Regimental Band with this end in view.

The following joint committee of citizens and bandsmen will direct the campaign and a fund will be raised by voluntary subscriptions. The committee is composed of the following gentlemen: Messrs. W. J. Carter, chairman; L. E. Walmsley, secretary; Arthur Jones, treasurer; Charles Hanna, Walter Asseltine and A. Wannacott. Various suggestions have been made as to the location of the proposed monument including the intersection of Bridge and Front street and the entrance to the park.”

The Intelligencer November 30, 1918 (page 7)

Thomas Wims“Belleville Soldier Dies in Scotland. The sad news was received to-day by Mr. P. J. Wims that his soldier son, Tom Wims, had died in Scotland, following an attack of influenza. The young soldier was a general favorite with all who knew him, blessed as he was with a fine, cheery disposition and manly character, and great sympathy will be felt for the bereaved relatives.

The following telegram was received by Mr. Wims this morning: ‘Regret to inform you Gunner Thomas Peter Wims, artillery, officially reported died of bronco-pneumonia, following influenza at 3rd Scottish hospital, Glasgow, November 28th.’

Gunner Wims enlisted with the 79th Battery at Montreal being previous to enlistment in the office of the Canada Cement Company at Montreal. He was the second son of Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Wims and was born at Deseronto. He received his education in Belleville, matriculating from the High School here. Upon arrival in the Old Country he was transferred to the 4th Division Trench Mortar unit.

At the time he was taken ill Gunner Wims was on leave and was visiting with relatives when he fell a victim to the influenza, pneumonia developing. Besides the sorrowing parents three brothers and four sisters survive, viz. : Will K., Manager of the Wims Store at Montreal; Alex, at home and P. J. Wims at Loyola College, Montreal; May, Grace, Jessie and Margaret at home.”

[Note: Gunner Thomas Peter Wims died on November 26, 1918. He is commemorated on Page 524 of the First World War Book of Remembrance.]

The Intelligencer November 30, 1918 (page 8)

“On Monday, December 2nd, 1918, will be offered the First Issue of Canadian Government War-Savings Stamps. Issue of 1919—Payable January 1st, 1924. Price, $4.00 and Interest. $4.00 Grows to $5.00.

In order to make it easier to acquire War-Savings Stamps, THRIFT STAMPS are issued at 25 cents each. These do not bear interest, but 16 of them affixed to a Thrift Card will be exchanged for a W.-S. S. Issued under Authorization of National War-Savings Committee.”