100 Years Ago: Soldiers’ Memorial Building Proposed, Ad for Shredded Wheat

The Intelligencer December 3, 1918 (page 1)

“Soldiers Memorial Building Proposed By War Veterans Assoc. At the City Council meeting last evening considerable business was transacted. A large deputation of the Great War Veterans’ Association was present and through Col. E. D. O’Flynn and Major A. C. McFee asked the Council to submit to the ratepayers of the city at the approaching municipal election a debenture By-law to grant $10,000 to the Association to assist in purchasing or erecting a suitable memorial to those who took part in the war. It would be a building where the members could meet and also provide temporary accommodation to any returned soldier who might be in the city.

The Council coincided in the idea and the By-law will be submitted to the electors for their approval or rejection. …  Mayor Platt said the deputation could rely upon the Council doing what was requested. You risked your lives for us and we will do what we can in return.”

The Intelligencer December 3, 1918 (page 2)

“When Your Boy Comes Home you will be glad you gave the last dollar you could spare to keep him at the front and to keep him happy, well clothed and well fed.

Shredded Wheat paid its heavy toll for doing a restricted business during the war and it paid it gladly. It was a patriotic privilege. Shredded Wheat is the same breakfast cereal you have always eaten—clean, pure, wholesome and nutritious. Eat it with hot milk and a little salt. No sugar is required.”