100 Years Ago: Boxing Bouts at Armories, George Stringer Wounded, Poster for War-Savings Stamps

The Intelligencer December 7, 1918 (page 1)

“Boxing Bouts At Armories Furnish Interesting Sport. At the Armories last night a smoker and boxing tournament was held under the auspices of the Great War Veterans Association of Hastings and Prince Edward Counties and it proved to be a most entertaining function. There was a good attendance and all present were well repaid. Previous to the bouts the 15th Regimental Band gave a number of suitable selections to the delight of the spectators. …  Previous to the main bout being staged Mr. W. E. Turley of Toronto, Provincial Secretary of the Great War Veterans Association gave an address and proved that he was an orator of no mean calibre. …  Mr. Turley referred to the reconstruction period and the returning of soldiers to civil life. They did a great part in the winning of the war of destruction. A war of reconstruction is beginning, and the G. W. V. A. will be found to be assisting in this great task. …  Statues may be erected to the memory of those who have fallen, but it will be better to have a club house for the living than a stone or a memorial of brass. In conclusion Mr. Turley stirred those present by reciting in a dramatic manner that well known and stirring selection by the late Col. John McCrae, ‘In Flanders Fields.’ ”

The Intelligencer December 7, 1918 (page 7)

“Gunner Stringer Wounded. Mr. Peter Stringer, Fort Stewart, North Hastings, received word recently that his son, Gr. Geo. Stringer, had been wounded. Gr. Stringer has been at the front nearly since the outbreak of hostilities, and was wounded just at the close of hostilities. He was a former member of the 34th Battery of this city.”

The Intelligencer December 7, 1918 (page 11)

War Savings Stamps

“What is a WAR-SAVINGS STAMP? It is a stamp for which the Dominion of Canada will pay you $5.00 on January 1st, 1924.

A War-Savings Stamp costs you $4.00 if purchased in December, 1918, or January, 1919, and the price increases one cent each month after January.

Every man, woman and child in Canada should invest in War-Savings Stamps all the money that he or she can save by STRICT ECONOMY.

W.-S. S. are on sale at Money-Order Post Offices, Banks, and other places displaying the W.-S. S. sign shown at the top of this announcement. Look for the Sign.”