100 Years Ago: New Year Wishes from Ritchie’s

The Intelligencer December 30, 1918 (page 8)

“Ritchies. Our Hearty Thanks For 1918. Before wishing you greetings for the New Year we feel it our duty to bestow thanks for the year just ending—1918: Thanks for victory, after four long years of struggle—Thanks for having lived during the year 1918, the most wonderful twelve months in history; and we thank you for your generous patronage during 1918—and by continuing our efficient merchandizing service we hope to merit a continuance of it during the New Year.

The New Year 1919 comes to us as a nation, sharing in the well earned fruits of victory—at last able to see the sun shining through the dark clouds. Surely it is a year in which to be thankful and we wish you and yours every joy and happiness that the new season can bestow upon you. May this New Year bring increased prosperity to you—to the people of Belleville and in Canada. The Ritchie Company Limited.”