100 Years Ago: Crowds of Visitors at Valcartier

The Intelligencer September 16, 1914 (page 8)

“Valcartier: Large crowds of visitors were present in all kinds of conveyances, from a buck-board wagon to a $5,000 limousine, and hundreds on foot. Band concerts, foot ball and blanket tossing were among the entertainments for visitors. Many will remain over to witness the review to-morrow by Col. the Hon. Sam Hughes, of the overseas contingent, which is now complete, as regards equipment and efficiency.

Medical examination concluded on Saturday. Over five hundred men were turned down, some physically unfit, others being under age. …  The rifle ranges are a busy spot these days. The butts are at the base of the Laurentian Mountains. One would think by the rattle of musketry and the roar of the heavy guns on the range that we were in Europe. Spafford.”