100 Years Ago: Concert, Miss Geen Enlists as Nurse

The Intelligencer September 22, 1914 (page 1)

“An excellent cause, an excellent audience and an excellent programme can truly be said of “Our Boys” patriotic concert, held in the City Hall last evening. …  The result, financially, was most gratifying to the noble band of ladies who worked assiduously for success. …  With the programme was given a small Union Jack, and the ladies who disposed of them gathered in not a few shekels.

The object of this delightful entertainment was for the purpose of procuring sweaters for the brave volunteers from this city who are going to the front. …  The platform was most appropriately decorated with potted plants and flags, whilst a large Union Jack formed the background.”

The Intelligencer September 22, 1914 (page 2)

“Duty’s Call to a Belleville Lady. Miss Geen, daughter of Rev. A.L. and Mrs. Geen, having received orders from the Department, left today on the fast train for Quebec. She is a graduate of the Royal Victoria Hospital, among the first, at Halifax 2 or 3 years ago, which gave her the rank of Lieutenant. Miss Geen’s grandfather, who was a Nobleman of Italy, was Lieutenant in Napoleon’s Guard of Honor, that went to Russia. Her uncle died, while on military duty during the first Fenian Raid, her brother, Edgar de Fomeri, died from the effects of the South African Campaign.

A number, who knew the time of her leaving, were at the station to bid her farewell and God speed. The members of the Chapter of the Daughters of the Empire presented Miss Geen with a wrist watch, suitable for use while on duty. An abundance of gold coin came rolling in until her purse was filled.”