100 Years Ago: On Board H.M.S. Saxonia

The Intelligencer October 1, 1914 (page 3)

“We completed loading on the 27th and are now anchored in mid-stream under the guns of the fortress of Quebec. The boys are enjoying their new quarters and are all in the best of spirits. There are 16 transports all anchored and ready to sail, when, we do not know. The Saxonia is a splendid ship. An aeroplane passed over the fleet today and gracefully circled around the fortress. Naturally it created considerable interest, and soon rumors passed around that it was a German, but we are glad to say it was one of the four which the contingent is taking for service.

The horses are in fine condition and very comfortable on board. We had no difficulty in loading them, as all they had to do was to walk up a gangway into their stalls on board. The boys of the 34th send their best regards to all before sailing. We hope to report again on our arrival in England. Spafford.”