100 Years Ago: 15th Battalion Band, Day of Prayer

The Intelligencer October 7, 1914 (page 2)

“Editor Intelligencer. My Dear Sir,—Belleville has many things to be proud of. One of these notable things is the splendid band of the gallant 15th Battalion. Its excellence has not been obtained without a vast deal of labor and study, on the part of the talented leader and his men. …

They propose to give a concert upon Tuesday evening next, part of the proceeds to be devoted to the Patriotic Fund, and part to the maintenance of the band. Let our citizens give a bumper attendance and they will be delighted with the entertainment and be doing a good work. Yours truly, John J.B. Flint.”

The Intelligencer October 7, 1914 (page 8)

“To Belleville Citizens. Would it not look as if we had some love and sympathy for our neighbors who have boys and husbands at the front if there was a special day of prayer appointed for the guidance and protection of those who have sacrificed everything for us and for their country. A day of prayer would show that we still trusted in God for their safekeeping and their return. …  From an Old Believer, 90 years of age.”