100 Years Ago: Flag Day, Letter from Soldier

The Intelligencer October 27, 1914 (page 2)

“The Red Cross …  In addition to the Hallowe’en Festival, which is to be held in the Armouries, the ladies have undertaken a Flag Day. This is one of the means most of the Red Cross workers have used to raise money, and has proven a very popular one. The flag is very dear to the British heart and every one is anxious to possess and wear one especially at this time.”

The Intelligencer October 27, 1914 (page 3)

“Letter from a Soldier Boy. Davenport, England, October 15, 1914. Dear Mother, Father, Sister and Brother: I am dropping you a few lines to let you know that we have arrived in the Old Country at last. Everything is fine, and we also had a fine voyage across the sea. I am sending you a couple of souvenirs of the transport, Saxonia, the ship we came across on. We have had very good luck with our horses, that is, considering the way they were packed in. Out of 633 horses we only lost 13 horses.

I was not the least bit seasick coming across and there were lots of the boys pretty sick. …   As far as war news is concerned, all we know is that the Allied armies are having the best of it, and the navy has got the German navy bottled up in the Kiel Canal and the North Sea. …  Well, I think I will close for this time, hoping you are well. I remain. Your loving son and brother, Gunner George E. Cronk.”