100 Years Ago: Red Cross Comforts to Sick, Wounded

The Intelligencer October 28, 2014 (page 7)

“The ladies of the Red Cross Committee of the Belleville Patriotic Society this morning received this communication from Dr. Chas. A. Hodgetts, the Red Cross Commissioner for Canada. Ottawa, Ont., Oct. 26, 1914.

Having learned that the good people of Belleville were making a special effort on behalf of the Red Cross Fund, I take the opportunity before leaving for England, to write you a few lines in explanation of what my duties will be as Canadian Red Cross Commissioner. The special function of the Red Cross is the giving or aid to the sick and wounded only, and in no way does the Red Cross dispense comforts to the healthy soldier. …   it will be necessary to follow up all of our loyal Canadians who may suffer from illness or become wounded in battle, no matter where they may be located.”