100 Years Ago: Boys at Salisbury Plain, Hallowe’en Night

The Intelligencer November 2, 1914 (page 1)

“A cable was received this morning from Capt. E.D. O’Flynn, who is absent with the Over Seas Contingent. He states that the boys are all well, that they are now at Bulford Camp, Salisbury Plains, England.

He says the Belleville boys won the tug of war and the light weight boxing championship on the voyage over, and that the boys were well and happy and ready to do the best they can for the honor of Canada and in defence of the Empire.”

The Intelligencer November 2, 1914 (page 1)

“It was estimated that upwards of two thousand persons were on Saturday evening crowded into the armouries. The occasion was the entertainment under the auspices of the Red Cross Society. The various booths, elaborately decorated, and the midway were sources of great attraction. It being Hallowe’en night; many present were costumed and their dress attracted much attention. …

Upon the stage erected several numbers were given, including drills by the girls of the High School and the boys and girls of the Ontario School for the Deaf. The latter if possible excelled themselves and their marching and club swinging was of especial interest.”