100 Years Ago: War Delays Track, But Not Santa Claus

The Intelligencer November 29, 1914 (page 2)

“G.T.R. Forced to Suspend Track-Laying Operations …  The work will have to be held up completely until a new supply of steel can be secured. It is understood that a large consignment of metal is at present en route to this country from England. …  owing to war conditions, it was delayed.”

[Note:  G.T.R. = Grand Trunk Railway]

The Intelligencer November 29, 1914 (page 7)

“The war has not frightened our good old annual visitor, Santa Claus, away, for Belleville Christmas shopping has certainly begun in our stores. And “business as usual,” in the various departments of trade is quite evident. Perhaps the war conditions have modified somewhat the preparations for this big festival of the year; but investigation would show that the large stores are very much in the same state of preparedness as they were at this time last year. …  you will begin to wonder if there is not perhaps more of the Christmas spirit abroad than ordinarily is the case.

Anxiety and suffering in homes that have now a vacant chair–the old-time tenant of which is perhaps on the Plains of Salisbury … Thoughts of the suffering and misery across the waters will make Christmas all the more near and dear to Canadians. There will be a meaning to the day it has never held before. And with the increased sentiment will come a wiser practical distribution of little remembrances.”