100 Years Ago: Miss Geen Invited, Polly Anns Aid Belgians

The Intelligencer December 1, 1914 (page 2)

“Miss Geen Among Invited Guests. London. On October 22nd, the committee of the Ladies’ Empire Club held a reception to welcome the 105 Canadian Nurses, among whom was Miss Geen, of Belleville, who arrived a few days before. …  it was noted as an interesting fact that it was on October 21st, 60 years ago, that Miss Florence Nightingale sailed for the Crimea.

Dr. G.R. Parkin was asked to convey to his compatriots the welcome of the club. He said we welcomed them as having come “home.” …  In time of war he thought woman’s lot was harder than the man’s. She had not the joy of strife and of victory–she had the long lonely hours.”

The Intelligencer December 1, 1914 (page 7)

“Some members of the local Polly Anna Club and some Polly Anns who are not members of the club, have been showing practical sympathy for the poor Belgian children by contributing and collecting $23.35 for the unfortunate ones. The look of triumphant satisfaction on the faces of these little girls as they handed in the amounts collected by each of them showed that their hearts were in the work.”