100 Years Ago: Ads for Oxo and Perrin’s Tipperary Biscuits

The Intelligencer February 20, 1915 (page 11)Oxo Cubes 1

“OXO CUBES at the War. More letters showing how OXO CUBES are valued. …  Diary of a Rifleman of the Queen’s Westminsters with the British Expeditionary Force. For City men we have shaken down wonderfully, and our health generally is very good. The only change we can get from cold food is tea, OXO, etc. We cook in fires and pails, etc. …

The handiness of OXO CUBES is almost as great a recommendation as their food value. By simply adding an OXO CUBE to a cupful of hot water a delicious warming cupful of OXO can be made in a moment.”


Perrin's Biscuits 058The Intelligencer February 20, 1915 (page 12)

“Perrin’s Tipperary Biscuits. Ten different designs of golden-brown crispness and sweet delicacy. These biscuits bear pictures of troops of all the allied armies, Union Jack, British Coat of Arms, and British Bulldog. The Kiddies will all want a complete set of them, and what could better carry the lesson of patriotism and courage to their little minds?

They are, of course, of the same flawless quality that has distinguished Perrin’s Biscuits for more than fifty years. Every Biscuit guaranteed. At your grocer’s. D.S. Perrin & Company, Limited. London. Canada.

Union Jack, Scotch Soldier, French Soldier, What We Have We’ll Hold [British Bulldog], English Soldier, British Coat of Arms, Canadian Volunteer, Russian Soldier, Belgian Soldier, Irish Soldier.”