100 Years Ago: Pat Yeomans Extols Beautiful Belleville

The Intelligencer February 22, 1915 (page 3)

“Pat’s Letter. Devizes, Feb. 5th, 1915. Dear Mamma:—Well, we got our Christmas box at last, and talk about being glad! …  That wallet with the photos in, it was the best of all. Oh! I was glad when I saw those photos, they were all so fine. They are going to occupy one pocket by themselves and they will certainly be well taken care of. They are simply great. …  We have gotten much benefit and fun from the jumping-jacks and tin whistles you put in. You ought to hear Ted play ‘Tipperary’ on his. O yes!

And those views of Belleville that you sent are great. I have shown them all around and, believe me, I am some publicity agent. I had everybody in the stables interested in these views …  I was conducting a kind of illustrated lecture on ‘Beautiful Belleville’ and they were all gathered round me listening and watching most intently.”