100 Years Ago: Leo Ross Prepares for France

The Intelligencer February 23, 1915 (page 3)

“A Letter From Leo Ross. Devizes, Jan. 29, 1915. Dear Mother.—Just a line to let you know that I have heard we are to go to the base in France next Monday. We have been dished out with our identification tickets, new shoes, knives and an extra suit of under clothes. We are painting our guns and transport wagons all colors of the rainbow, in order to hide them from observation by the enemy. We are also painting our steel a brown color, for the same reason, so you can see things begin to look like business, and about time too.

Our identification card is a circular and is supposed to hang about our neck. It is like this: Gunner Jas. Leo Ross, C. 40488, 2nd Artillery Battalion, 1st Brigade, C.F.A., Roman Catholic. And is of a brick red color. …  With love—Your son, Leo Ross.”