100 Years Ago: Belleville Recruiting to Be Organized, Collection of Old Razors

The Intelligencer July 22, 1915 (page 2)

“Recruiting to Be Organized in Belleville. The Belleville Branch of the Speakers’ Patriotic League have issued the following notice of a meeting at the Armouries and it is hoped that there will be a good attendance:

Dear Sir.—The title to our homes, our precious blood-bought liberties, the very personal safety of our families, are hanging in the balance in this great war. …  If each person does his bit, we can win and the League now appeals to you to do your bit. It is proposed to organize each Ward in the City of Belleville to stimulate recruiting, and the names of ten persons have been selected from each Ward to meet with the Executive of the League at the Armouries Friday evening, the 23rd of July, 1915, at 8 p.m. for the purpose of forming a general organization to assist recruiting. You are one of those selected for your Ward and the league Executive believes that you realize the occasion is sufficiently pressing to justify you putting every other matter aside to attend this meeting. …

We want everyone in Belleville to have the honor of doing something to help achieve success in this the greatest war of the world. What you do may be the richest heritage you will bequeath to and the proudest boast of your posterity. Come!

You are proud of your pals at the Front, of course. Make your pals at the Front proud of you. E. Guss Porter, President; W.C. Mikel, Secretary.”

The Intelligencer July 22, 1915 (page 2)

“Old Razors for Soldiers. A correspondent inquired on Tuesday if any effort was being made in Belleville to collect old razors for soldiers at the front. We have since learned that the Smith Hardware Co., 31 Front street undertake to send these razors, through the Cutler’s Co. of England. They are forwarded in the first instance to Mr. T.B. Lee, of 3 Front street East, Toronto.

The Cutler’s Co. were approached by the War Office and asked to undertake the collection of spare or discarded razors. This the Co. consented to do, in this way over 70,000 old razors, after being refitted, have been sent to the soldiers in the field, and word has been received that many more would be appreciated. …  Old razors left at Clarke’s Drug Store, Front street, are also forwarded to the same quarter.”