100 Years Ago: Equipping Field Ambulances, Donating Razors

The Intelligencer July 23, 1915 (page 2)

“Field Ambulances Equipped by Red Cross. The following letter has been received by Miss Madeline Fraleck secretary of I.O.D.E., Belleville, Ont.

Dear Miss Fraleck:—We beg to acknowledge receipt of your letter of

Red Cross ambulances, ca. 1915
Red Cross ambulances, ca. 1915

June 15th enclosing draft for $500 contributed to the funds of the Red Cross Society. We note that it is the desire of the ladies who have contributed, that these funds be used if possible in Red Cross work nearest to the firing line. We shall therefore have the pleasure in devoting this in whole or in part to the equipment of Field Ambulances, which are now being used quite close to the firing line to furnish imperative surgical attention to soldiers who are not so severely wounded as to require their return to the Base Hospital.

With our best thanks for your splendid contribution, Yours faithfully, ‘C.E. Bryson.’ Assistant Canadian Red Cross Commissioner.”

The Intelligencer July 23, 1915 (page 7)

“Old or Spare Razors for the Troops at the Front. Send your discarded razor to the Front, where it will be used. Look it up quick, and send it in to us. We will forward it to the Cutlers’ Company in England who are refitting old razors free and sending them on to the front. Over 70,000 have already gone through and word is received that many more will be appreciated. The Smith Hardware Co. Phone 204. 314 Front Street.”