100 Years Ago: Women’s Work Turns from Suffrage

The Intelligencer August 6, 1915 (page 7)

“Patriotism and Work for Women. The following is the letter sent by Mrs. L.A. Hamilton, President of the National Union of Woman Suffrage Societies. This letter shows the splendid stand taken by the suffrage societies throughout the Empire during the war.

Glen Leven, Lorne Park, Ont. Dear Mrs. Lang,—Will you kindly notify all affiliated societies and others concerned that I have decided to postpone my trip to the West until some more favorable occasion. The war has reached such a serious and critical stage that I feel I am in no way justified in using my own and other women’s energies and means on behalf of the suffrage cause, when the war, and all that it implies, needs us so urgently.

Though political freedom for the women of Canada is very near to my heart, yet at present, there is a far greater issue at stake, the freedom of the whole Empire, and I feel we should contribute everything in our power, including the sacrifice of our time, means, even of our missionary propaganda, and that no jot or tittle that can be given in effort, should be withheld by us, as patriotic women. …

We women of Canada cannot foresee what we may be called upon to do, but in my judgment our immediate duty is obvious. Yours very truly, Constance E. Hamilton.”