100 Years Ago: Officers Cruise on Bay of Quinte, Soldiers Given Socks, Recruits Wanted, Intelligencer Tobacco Fund

The Intelligencer August 16, 1915 (page 1)

“Officers Entertained. The officers of the 8th C.M.R. were entertained by Mr. F.E. O’Flynn on Saturday afternoon by a cruise in his launch ‘Allie Dale.’ Col. Ketcheson of the 49th also assisted in making it pleasant for the guests.

The officers met together at the Hotel Quinte, were taken to the dock and proceeded up the Bay to Trenton, going up on the north side and coming down on the south side of the bay, running down to Big Bay, making a cruise of all together about 40 miles. The officers very much enjoyed the trip. The day was a delightful one and it was the expression of all the officers that the scenery could not be surpassed.”

The Intelligencer August 16, 1915 (page 1)

“Socks for Soldiers. The ladies of the Patriotic and Red Cross Association decided on Saturday afternoon to present the officers and members of the 8th C.M.R. each with a pair of their socks. Thousands have been sent to the front by our ladies but they thought that when an opportunity came of giving them to the boys on the ground it would be a good thing to do.

A committee composed of Mrs. Col. Lazier, President, Mrs. F.E. O’Flynn, Convenor of Camp Supplies and Mrs. Dr. Yeomans, Convenor of the Knitting Circles, had parcels neatly prepared and marked for the respective squadron for machine gun section and band, and took them to the Head Quarters on the Fair Grounds and placed them in charge of the Orderly Officer. The socks were distributed this morning before the Regiment left for Kingston and no doubt will be fully appreciated by the officers and members of the regiment

The ladies are to be congratulated on their thoughtfulness in this move but it is only in a line with what they have been doing since the war broke out.

The citizens have been very much pleased with the visit of this unit and the appearance of the officers and men has won the admiration of the citizens while their conduct without exception has been such as to bring high credit to the organization.”

The Intelligencer August 16, 1915 (page 2)

“Recruits Wanted. 34th Battery, Field Artillery. The organization of three new overseas batteries in this Division offers an exceptional opportunity for young men to enlist in the most desirable branch of the Military Service. Pay and Separation allowance from date of enlistment; also share of Patriotic Fund. Apply: 34th Battery Recruiting Officer, Recruiting Tent, Armouries Lawn.”

Recruits Wanted 34th Battery

The Intelligencer August 16, 1915 (page 2)

“The Intelligencer Tobacco Fund. Parcels Despatched. The amount contributed by the readers of The Intelligencer to our Tobacco Fund was $47.10. The lady who kindly undertook the task of making the purchases expended the whole of the sum in Belleville stores with the exception of 49 cents. This we have handed over to Miss Wilmot, who is collecting for a machine gun. …

We must thank our readers for having so promptly responded to our appeal on behalf of the Belleville lads, who we are sure will fully appreciate their generosity.”