100 Years Ago: Shannonville Greets 8th Canadian Mounted Rifles, Trek to Belleville a Success

The Intelligencer August 20, 1915 (page 3)

“Shannonville. On Monday when the 8th Mounted Rifles arrived at Shannonville they were greeted with a great surprise. Villagers and the farmers from the neighboring country gathered there to give them a ‘send-off’ before they left for Kingston. Each family brought refreshments and a big dinner was prepared. Before leaving, each soldier was presented with a pair of socks. The soldiers stirred up the patriotism of the young men and secured two recruits.

The soldiers very much appreciated these remembrances and were loud in their praise of the thoughtfulness of the residents of Shannonville and district.”

The Intelligencer August 20, 1915 (page 3)

“Barriefield Camp. The 8th C.M.R. are back again in camp after covering a trek of fully 100 miles. …  They are loud in their praise of the treatment accorded them in nearly every place they passed through, and are more than anxious for another trek to the same place. Already there is a big increase in the mail bag from Napanee and Belleville, and a vigorous correspondence has commenced which may terminate, in many cases in matrimonial conclusions. Several of the officers and men plead guilty to a lonely and longing feeling since coming back to camp, and this usually indicates serious disturbance of the heart and mind.

The trek to Belleville is bearing some real fruit, outside of the experience of the men and horses. About 25 recruits are expected in camp in a few days as one of the results, and the first batch of six have already reported. …  The people from the country should be given a chance to see what a well-trained force of men looks like when in training for war. Kingston Standard.”