100 Years Ago: Khaki Club Formally Opened

The Intelligencer October 28, 1915 (page 3)

“Khaki Club Is Formally Opened. Comfortable Home in Belleville for Men of the 80th Battalion. Yesterday from four to ten the ‘Khaki Club,’ which has been formed for the non-commissioned officers and men of the 80th Battalion, by the Women’s Rifle Club, was auspiciously opened.

Many were in attendance and the whole affair was a pronounced success. There was a collection taken at the door, and the proceeds were exceedingly large. A splendid program was furnished, which consisted of solos …  and piano selections. All the selections were well sustained and were pleasing to those present. The ladies of the Club served refreshments in the canteen, which were much enjoyed by all present. …

That the men of the battalion will have a comfortable club is evident by the magnificent way in which the ladies have furnished and fitted up the building. The furnishings have been mostly donated and a few things have been bought by the ladies. This club is purely for non-commissioned officers and men, no commissioned officers or outsiders being allowed in. It consists of a dry canteen, lounge rooms, music rooms, sitting and recreation room with a piano, reading and smoking room, room for the officer of the day, and other rooms for various purposes. A bath-room is provided with hot and cold water. There is a kitchen, which will be in charge of a sergeant, where lunches and soft drinks will be served.

The Club will be administered by the battalion itself, which will look after the supplies. The profits that are derived from the various sources will go into the Regimental Fund. There is a library and any papers or books will be gladly received. Khaki clubs have been kept in connection with the battalions in Ottawa and Kingston and have been pronounced successes, and by all appearances this one will be a success too.”