100 Years Ago: Ontario Children to Sing National Anthem

Intelligencer October 30, 1915 (page 3)

“Children to Sing National Anthem. Must be Included in the Opening Exercises of Every Ontario School. Commencing soon after the issuance of the regulation, every morning at nine o’clock, from every class room the strains of the ‘National Anthem’ will rise, sung by childish voices. This regulation is to be issued by the Department of Education within a few days, and will take effect at an early date. It provides that the singing of the first three verses of the ‘National Anthem’ shall hereafter be a portion of the morning exercises of every school in the province.

‘It is purely a matter of stimulating patriotic sentiment in the minds of the children,’ said Hon. G. Howard Ferguson, acting Minister of Education, by way of explanation. ‘There is not too much of that sort of thing in our schools, and we thought this might help.’ “