100 Years Ago: Recruiting Concert and Meeting

The Intelligencer December 6, 1915 (page 2)

“Sunday Recruiting Concert and Meeting. The recruiting meeting and concert given in Griffin’s Theatre Sunday evening under the auspices of the Alpha Club of the Tabernacle church attracted a very large audience which enjoyed every moment of the evening’s programme. A silver collection, which netted $50 was taken at the door. Half of it was turned over to the Alpha Club to be given to the Fund for poor children at Christmas while the balance is to be placed in the Battalion Fund of the 80th Battalion. The response was very pleasing and shows distinctly the support the citizens are giving not only for charitable but also patriotic work, the latter in the form of support to the 80th Battalion.

The speaker for the evening was the Rev. Ketterson, chaplain 80th ‘Overseas’ Battalion who made a most stirring appeal for men in this hour of the Empire’s struggle for the maintenance of democracy and world freedom.

Several selections were given by the 80th orchestra, under the direction of Armourer Sergeant Howarth, which were keenly appreciated, the musicians displaying extraordinary talent and evidence of careful thought in training.’Why Can’t A Girl be a Soldier’ sung by Sgt. Lafond and a chorus of fourteen soldiers, proved a big hit. Other numbers given by Sgt. Lafond and the chorus were also repeatedly encored. …

One of the best efforts of the evening was the ‘Soldier Chorus’ from Faust which a chorus of soldiers gave in stirring style, bringing forth all the pomp and beautiful wealth of harmony of Gounod’s masterpiece.”