100 Years Ago: Patriotic Meeting at Sidney

The Intelligencer December 7, 1915 (page 7)

“Patriotic Meeting Held at Sidney. Wallbridge, the home of the Commanding Officer of the 80th Battalion C.E.F., gathered together last night ‘her beauty and her chivalry,’ and it was a night of rare enjoyment. The orchestra of the 80th rendered splendid music. Lieut. A.D. Harper and Sergeant Lafonde sang stirring solos.

F.E. O’Flynn occupied the chair most acceptably. Addresses which combined humour and pathos, comedy and tragedy, loyalty and determination were delivered by Captain Ketterson (Chaplain) Sergeant Sandford, C.E.F., Lieut. Nicoll, Colonel W.N. Ponton, K.C., and Lieut. Col. Ketcheson. Rev. Capt. Ketterson appealed to the sons of the sires to maintain the freedom and liberty won by years of struggle and now to be fought for again in this great conflict. …

Colonel Ponton urged subscriptions to the Red Cross, who turned everything into gold and life—and solemnly appealed to Canada to mobilize her manhood to keep our hearths and homes from future jeopardy.—’East, West, hame’s best.’ The flag is only good as the emblem of service. It is living men and trained men who count in this crisis.”