100 Years Ago: Letter of Thanks and Christmas Menu, Frederick Palmer to Lecture

The Intelligencer January 24, 1916 (page 3)

“Letter Received from Harry Wiseman. Former Student in E. Guss Porter’s Law Office. Belgium, January 1st, 1916. Dear Mr. Porter:—I wish to thank you ever so much for the parcel you so kindly sent me. It was unfortunately held up at the base too long to reach me by Christmas, but it arrived a couple days later and I can assure you the contents were thoroughly enjoyed, not only by myself but by my friends, Pat and Ted Yeomans. The three of us are at present living together in a little shack.

The people of Belleville and elsewhere have been extremely kind to us boys out here in devoting so much of their time to making and sending comforts and I’m sure I voice the sentiments of all when I say that our Christmas has been made most merry and bright by their kindness.

I am enclosing a copy of our Christmas programme and menu which may be interesting in view of the fact that it was carried out while the Battery was in action. With kindest regards to Mrs. Porter and Roger, and with many wishes for a happy New Year, I am, sir, Respectfully yours, C.H. WISEMAN.

Following is the copy of the Christmas programme and menu:—”

Christmas Menu

The Intelligencer January 24, 1916 (page 7)

“Palmer Coming to Griffin’s Jan. 31. Frederick Palmer, the World’s greatest War Correspondent, a man who has exceptional opportunities to gain information first hand, and who is the author of ‘My Year of The Great War,’ and the only officially accredited representative of the entire press of America with the British forces on the continent, will portray with moving pictures and thrilling narratives, the Great World War, at Griffin’s Opera House, Belleville, Monday evening, Jan. 31st, under the auspices of the 80th Overseas Battalion, C.E.F.

This will be an entertainment that the citizens of Belleville will appreciate, and a packed house is sure to greet Frederick Palmer. Capacity houses have been the rule wherever he has appeared, and Massey Hall of Toronto, and the Lyric Theatre of Hamilton, are completely sold out. Mr. Palmer will be assisted by an orchestra of 18 pieces, under the leadership of Lieut. H.A. Stares, Mus. Bach. The prices will be $1.00, 75c., 50c. and 25c.”