100 Years Ago: News from Within the Military Circle

The Intelligencer January 25, 1916 (page 7)

“Free trip to Germany. Apply at the Armouries.

The officers of the Khaki Club intend giving a dance in Johnstone’s Academy on Feb. 1st.

Lieut. Cauldwell gave a lecture to the officers and N.C.O.’s of the 80th Battalion last evening on ‘Machine Gun Tactics.’

The School of Infantry for the 155th Battalion will commence at 8.30 tomorrow morning. The class will be in charge of Lieut. Elliott and will be instructed by Sergt. Dowe. About 40 men of the 155th Battalion will take the course.

The strength of the 155th Battalion is now about 500.

At the request of the chairman of the Soldiers’ Aid Commission in the Province of Ontario, the Mayor, as convenor, is inviting the heads of all the municipalities in Hastings County as well as the Parliamentary representatives and leading citizens generally to meet at the lecture room in the armouries on Friday evening, the 28th inst., at eight o’clock to form a branch of the Soldiers’ Aid Commission of Hastings County, Belleville and Trenton. …  The object of this branch, like the parent association, shall be to take care of and to find employment for members of the Canadian Expeditionary Force who return to Canada during the period of the war, particularly those who have returned to our county and city.”