100 Years Ago: 80th Battalion Band to Give First Concert

The Intelligencer February 23, 1916 (page 2)

“The Band of the 80th ‘Overseas’ Battalion C.E.F., under the leadership of Lieut. H.A. Stares, Mus. Bach. will give its first concert in Griffin’s Opera House next Tuesday evening, February 29th. The programme that will be offered will be of a very high order, and the band will be assisted by Miss Victoria Stares, Soprano Soloist, from Hamilton, Ont.

The strength of the band at present is 45; many of the members have come from the famous 91st Band of Hamilton, of which Lieut. Stares was the distinguished Band Master, and many others from different parts of Canada. They have been practicing five hours a day for the last two and one-half months, and it is needless to say that their interpretation of the program to be presented at their first concert will afford the citizens of Belleville one of the finest evening entertainments that has been offered here in the last decade. …

The concert will be given under the patronage of Sir Sam Hughes, Minister of Militia Defence, under the auspices of the Officer Commanding and the Officers of the 80th ‘Overseas’ Battalion C.E.F.”

80th Band