100 Years Ago: Arthur Johnson Wounded

The Intelligencer February 26, 1916 (page 6)

“Mrs. William Johnson has received the following letter from Major Elmitt of the 21st Battalion in reference to the wounding of her son, Corp. Arthur L. Johnson …

Belgium, Monday, 7th Feb., 1916. Dear Mrs. Johnson,—At 2 p.m. today Arthur had the misfortune of being hit through the face by a rifle bullet. I don’t consider it is in any way serious, having gone through the side of the face and coming out the back of the neck. He was quite cheerful and not suffering much, as he described the same as similar to a bad toothache, and insisted on walking out to the dressing station.

Ernest Geen was with him at the time, and accompanied him to the dressing station, where he will be well looked after, and the ambulance will take him down to one of the General Hospitals. Later on he may be sent to England to a Convalescent Hospital, like all the other boys who have been hurt. Arthur was very brave and took his injury as a matter of course.

You have every reason to be proud of your son, as he has proved a faithful and loyal soldier to King and country, and a credit to Canada. No doubt you will hear from him direct in a short time. With best wishes for your own welfare. Faithfully yours, (Sgd.) C.F. Elmitt, Major.

P.S.—Geen has just returned and reports ‘Arthur all right.’ “