100 Years Ago: Wednesday Night at the Khaki Club

The Intelligencer March 9, 1916 (page 2)

“While bad weather outdoors usually increases the crowds at indoor attractions, the Khaki Club is one of the attractions that doesn’t have to depend on poor weather for a turnout. Rather, they hope for good weather all the time for it means they can with some degree of comfort handle the housefull they always have.

Last night’s uncertain nature just meant that numbers of the soldiers could not get near enough to the big room to hear the excellent programme arranged by Mrs. Lewis, whom the men will be glad to hear, has offered to come any time she can help. But that is the kind of a contract that every helper of the Khaki Club signs ‘to assist in any way, at any time, on the shortest of notice.’ …

While the programme is being carried out one finds both the writing and reading rooms filled by men who take advantage of the attractions downstairs, which give them a place at the tables, where many daily papers from all Ontario are found, and where the special stationery bearing the name of the club and the Battalion crest is found in abundance.

Some have one interest and some another, but all enjoy themselves thoroughly and at the close of the evening find their way to the tables where there are provisions aplenty for the first to partake or the last.”