100 Years Ago: War Play Coming to Griffin’s Opera House

The Intelligencer March 13, 1916 (page 7)

“Music and Drama. ‘The White Feather,’ dealing with the present European conflict and described as the greatest secret service war play ever written, will be seen here at Griffin’s Opera House next Friday night.

The play contains all the ingredients and thrills necessary to satisfy the most blase theatregoer, including German submarines and English warships; four German spies and two English secret service agents; a new recruit; an irrascible M.P. and his daughter, who, of course, is in love with the secret service hero; a basket full of white feathers for cowards who do not enlist; a wireless outfit concealed in the drawing room where the scene of the play is laid; a wonderful dictograph; an always-to-be-forgotten pipe; a code book of signals which falls into the wrong hand; carrier pigeons; a cane-shaped gun which works wonders at the proper time; a couple of revolvers and a powerful modern searchlight, all add to the tremendous success and countless thrills of this big secret service war drama, making it the sensation of three continents—England, America and Australia.

This is the play which goes to the Royal Alexandra Theatre, Toronto, next week, for its third week’s engagement in this theatre in one year.”

[Note: Dictograph = a telephone with a very sensitive transmitter, used for secretly listening to or obtaining a record of conversation]