100 Years Ago: Ad for Britain Prepared, Captain William H. Hudson Wounded, No Daylight Saving for Belleville

The Intelligencer June 6, 1916 (page 4)

Britain Prepared002“Britain Prepared. Coming to Griffin’s Opera House, June 12th and 13th, Official moving pictures of British War Office, the British Admiralty, and the British Ministry of Munitions.

Shown here by permission of the King under the patronage of the Duke of Connaught and the auspices of The Belleville Daily Intelligencer. …  Music by O’Rourkes Orchestra.”

The Intelligencer June 6, 1916 (page 7)

“Capt. W.H. Hudson Among the Wounded. General regret was expressed in the city to-day when it became rumored that Capt. William H. Hudson had been wounded. The brave young officer left Belleville on the 23rd of June last year with the 39th Battalion. Fortunately his wound is not considered of a serious nature. Miss H.A. Hudson, his sister, received the following official notice:

Miss H.A. Hudson, 19 Campbell street, Belleville. Sincerely regret to inform you Capt. William H. Hudson, infantry, officially admitted to 24 General Hospital, Etretat, June 5th. Gunshot wound in left shoulder; slight. Will send further particulars when received. Officer in charge of Record office. Ottawa.

The many friends of the young gallant officer in Belleville will unite with the Intelligencer in the wish that his injuries are not of a serious nature.”

The Intelligencer June 6, 1916 (page 8)

“Ritchie’s Early Closing During June, July, and August Commencing To-day, June 6th.

As our city did not adopt the ‘Daylight Saving Scheme,’ we have decided to grant our employees one hour extra leisure during the summer months. For the months of June, July and August we will open our store at 8.30 o’clock and close at 5.30 instead of opening at 8 and closing at 6.

Saturday night Store will remain open until the usual hour 9.30. During the months of July and August we will close at 12 o’clock noon on Wednesdays, giving our employees the half holiday. We would ask our customers to assist us by trading within these hours.

Two Windows Displaying Commodities for the Beautifying of the Verandah. The Ritchie Company Limited.”