100 Years Ago: Khaki Club Expresses Appreciation, Suggestion for Home Protection, Recruiting Men for the Artillery

The Intelligencer June 7, 1916 (page 1)

“The Belleville Khaki Club. Expression of Appreciation. The president and officers of the Khaki Club wish to thank all those who have so willingly and generously aided the work of the Club, by cash donations, musical assistance, refreshments for the Wednesday social evenings.

Also the City Council for cash donation and free water, Trenton Electric Co. for free light, telephone provided by friends, Argyle Chapter I.O.D.E. for cash donation and refreshments. The Daily Ontario and Intelligencer for courteous treatment in reporting events connected with the Club, also out-of-town publishers who have provided the reading rooms with daily and weekly copies of their journals, which have been greatly appreciated by the boys. M. Maude Campbell, Secretary.”

The Intelligencer June 7, 1916 (page 7)

“Home Protection. Dear Sir: Notwithstanding the complacent attitude of merchants, property owners and others, this war may still strike at our homes in Belleville and find us with no protection.

The Home Guards and also the Reserves have not proven a success. Would it be asking too much of our official classes to set an example and get up a company of Reserves? The officials of the Dominion Government, the Ontario Government, the Municipal Officials and employees, and the school teachers would easily make a company of 250 men. These men could give their time without any reduction in their income and it would set a good example to others.

Col. Lazier and Judge Wills would, no doubt, gladly take hold of the proposal. This might be followed by a company gotten up by manufacturers and their employees. The merchants should have no difficulty in raising 250 Reserves. The newspaper men, physicians, bankers, lawyers and others could form a 4th company, and thus complete a battalion of Reserves in the city.

We all pray that they will not be needed, but for Heaven’s sake let us prepare. A BRITISHER.”

The Intelligencer June 7, 1916 (page 8)

“This district is again being asked for men for the artillery. Four new batteries are being formed at Kingston, and Lieut. G.R. Sinclair of the 74th Battery, C.E.F., is at present recruiting in Belleville and vicinity.

Now is the time to enlist, while there is every opportunity for promotion to non-commissioned officers. The interesting nature of artillery work is too well known to require description. Farriers, Sergeants, Shoeingsmiths, Cooks, Carpenters, Saddlers and Trumpeters are required in addition to Gunners and Drivers. Persons wishing information should apply to Lieut. Sinclair, in care of Room ‘B,’ Armouries.”