100 Years Ago: Belgian Relief Fund, Liquor Sale to Stop on Dining Cars

The Intelligencer September 2, 1916 (page 6)

Belgian relief

“Millions of Dollars Given—Millions of Belgians Fed—Yet Millions More Are Needed. Nothing else has ever so roused the indignation and practical sympathy of the English-speaking world as the fate of Belgium.

At the first call for help some of the leading business men of neutral United States organized the Belgian Relief Committee, arranging with the British Government to co-operate, and with the Germans to keep their hands off—and the work of feeding the starving Belgians began.

Since then many million dollars have been contributed to the Belgian Relief Fund, chiefly in the British Empire and the United States, about half of it coming from Belgians living in these countries.”

The Intelligencer September 2, 1916 (page 7)

“Stop Liquor Sale on Dining Cars. Travel by train as a means of securing liquid refreshment of more than 2 1-2 per cent, proof in strength will not avail after prohibition goes into effect next month. …

Recently Chairman Flavelle communicated with the responsible officers of all the railways doing business in Ontario in order to learn their attitude in respect to the Ontario Temperance Act. …  all of the railways communicated with, have, it is stated declared their intention of eliminating the sale of liquor in dining cars in the province after the law goes into effect.”