100 Years Ago: Band of the 155th, Recruiting in No. 3 Military District

The Intelligencer September 8, 1916 (page 3)

“Good band of 155th. Too much credit cannot be given the band of the 155th Battalion for its work at the concert on Tuesday evening and its general work as a battalion band. Bandmaster Hinchey has received many words of congratulation on his work, and the band is now equal to, if not better, than any that has ever been at Barriefield.”

The Intelligencer September 8, 1916 (page 5)

“Recruiting in 3rd Military District. It Is Good Only Where Battalions Have Been Organized. Major G.I. Campbell, chief recruiting officer for No. 3 military district in conversation with a press representative stated that where battalions were organized and actively enlisting men recruiting was as good as it was a year ago. Where, however, no battalions were organized it was practically dead. On the front, from Belleville east, where there were no battalions actively recruiting, very few recruits are being secured.

Asked if more battalions would be organized in this district, Major Campbell replied in the affirmative, but he thought it would be some little time yet before they were authorized, not until, in fact, the battalions now in training were ready to go overseas.

The major stated that details for the national registration scheme were being worked out, and that he expected announcement in a short time.”