100 Years Ago: Machine Gun Demonstrations to Be Given at Fairs

The Intelligencer September 9, 1916 (page 3)

McGie, Wm.

“Will Tour for Recruits. Two Officers of the 155th Battalion to Give Exhibitions. Now that the School of Machine Gunnery has been discontinued, Lieut. McGie is able to devote more time to the training of the machine gun section of the 155th Battalion as a unit.

Through careful choosing and the support of the various company commanders in allowing him the best men, Lieut. McGie has now thirty very efficient soldiers in his section.

There is now a plan being considered that Lieut. Allen, in charge of the bayonet fighting and physical training of the battalion, and Lieut. McGie, commanding the machine gun section, should do a little recruiting with the men.

If the present plans are passed as recommended these two officers with the machine gun section will visit every fair in Hastings and Prince Edward counties. They will take machine guns, etc., and give exhibitions of what is done in the army, and at the close of each exhibition a call will be made for recruits. It should certainly be a most successful plan.”