100 Years Ago: 155th Band Attached to 247th Battalion of Peterborough, 216th Battalion Looking for Short Men

The Intelligencer October 24, 1916 (page 1)

“155th Band Now Attached to 247th Battalion. Lieut.-Col. Johnston, of Peterboro, and the officers of the 247th Battalion are exceedingly happy owing to the fact that they have a band to assist in recruiting work, and the band is none other than that of the 155th Battalion which was recruited in Hastings and Prince Edward Counties and which recently left for overseas.

The band 33 strong arrived in Peterboro on Friday last and were met at the station by the local officers who accompanied them to the armouries and later to their billets in the city. Everyone in Peterboro had words of praise for the musicians. They were thought to be the best band in Kingston and it was with deep regret that the 155th left for overseas without them. Sergt. Hinchey is the bandmaster.

During the winter months they will help wonderfully in attracting attention to the 247th. There is nothing like good music to instill the fighting spirit into a young man who feels that ‘We’ll never let the old flag fall.’ ”

The Intelligencer October 24, 1916 (page 2)

“After the Short Men. Lieut. George T. Walsh and Pte. W. J. Dunnam, of the 216th Bantam Battalion, are in the city looking for short men. This is the only battalion of its kind in Eastern Canada, and apparently it will be successful in obtaining the necessary recruits, as nine hundred are already enrolled, and but one hundred and fifty more are required.

Lieut. Walsh expects to secure about fifty men in this district. The standard heights for recruits is five feet two inches; it is below this limit that the bantam battalion is looking for.”