100 Years Ago: Bowmanville Regrets Departure of 235th Battalion, Ad for AutoStrop Safety Razor, New Battalion for Belleville

The Intelligencer November 3, 1916 (page 1)

“(Bowmanville Statesman) Capt. Geo. W. James, Quartermaster 235th Battalion, and eight pioneers, have been in town a few days packing and shipping the military stores—some three car loads—from the Agricultural Hall to the winter headquarters at Belleville.

This looks like ‘Good-bye, 235th Bn.’ so far as Bowmanville is concerned. Now, what about that $1,500 or so that the council business men and Girls’ Patriotic Society contributed to the funds of the Battalion on the understanding that Bowmanville was the headquarters?

The politicians who used their influence to keep ‘our’ battalion at Belleville may well chuckle over their success, but recruiting will not be helped by such political intriguing.”

The Intelligencer November 3, 1916 (page 3)
“In choosing a gift for your soldier friend, remember that a safety razor is a necessity, and not a luxury. The AutoStrop Safety Razor is the most suitable one for active service. It is the only complete razor, because it sharpens its own blades.

It is stropped, shaved with, and cleaned in 3 minutes without taking anything apart. Standard sets, in leather or metal cases, $5.00. Obtainable from all dealers.”

The Intelligencer November 3, 1916 (page 4)

“A New Battalion. We learn upon what may be considered good authority, that an additional Battalion is to be organized, with headquarters in Belleville, under the command of Major A. P. Allen, who has, for some time, been in khaki doing duty in Belleville and at Barriefield. The Major is a popular officer, well liked, and will, we trust, succeed in recruiting the new battalion up to full strength.”