100 Years Ago: Poster for Belleville Y.M.C.A. Campaign, Red Cross and Women’s Patriotic Association Report

The Intelligencer November 11, 1916 (page 3)


“Attention! Read—Consider—Act. A Campaign for $15,000 to Place the Belleville Y.M.C.A. upon an Efficient Basis. Nov. 14—17, 1916.

The need is imperative and immediate. Let every citizen do his duty. Other cities are doing it. So Can Belleville.”

The Intelligencer November 11, 1916 (page 3)

“Red Cross and Women’s Patriotic Association. The regular monthly meeting of the Red Cross and Women’s Patriotic Association was held on Tuesday evening November the seventh in the Liberal Club rooms. The President Mrs. (Col.) Lazier presiding. …

The secretary read a letter from Mrs. Dobell, Secretary of the French Wounded Emergency Fund, London, thanking the Association in answer to an appeal for the French Hospitals, which are so badly in need of supplies of all kinds.

The secretary also read a letter from Mrs. Rivers Bulkeley thanking the Association for the gift of one hundred dollars, which will be used entirely for Belleville soldiers who are prisoners of war in Germany. …

Report of hospital supplies made by the Circles, Mrs. Gribble, Convenor. 22 flannelette night-shirts, 6 white cotton night-shirts, 4 pairs grey bed soxs, 12 pairs white hospital stockings, 3 knitted wash cloths, 10 hand towels, 3 pillow slips. This box was sent to Nursing Sisters Grace Waters, Stella Jenkins and H. Masten who are in No. 7 Canadian General Hospital, France. …

Mrs. (Dr.) Yeomans, Convenor of the Rainbow knitting circles, reported for October. …  The knitting circles had charge of the Christmas gifts for the Belleville soldiers overseas, and last week sent forty-one large boxes containing 500 small boxes of luxuries and a pair of soxs.

The Association wishes to thank all who contributed also those who helped in the packing and particularly the teachers and pupils in the following schools: The High School, Queen Mary School, Queen Alexandra and Queen Victoria and also Christ Church, also the men who kindly gave their time in addressing the boxes.

One hundred dollars was voted at this meeting to add to Belleville’s subscription to the British Red Cross.

Margaret Lazier, President, Anna Harley, Secretary.”