100 Years Ago: Recruiting Meeting for 235th Battalion, Sergt. Major Sharpe Receives Gift, Y.M.C.A. Campaign Poster, Promotion for Belleville Boy

The Intelligencer November 13, 1916 (page 1)

“Full House at the Recruiting Meeting. Both pit and gallery were filled to their capacity at Griffin’s last evening at the recruiting meeting. The National Anthem opened the proceedings, after which Capt. Maclean, chairman, in his opening address, thanked the audience as citizens of Belleville, for their magnificent response to the invitation to be with the 235th tonight.

During the last week the battalion had obtained a total of 44 recruits, which is a record, and in fact breaks all records of previous battalions in Canada. This statement was greeted with loud applause by the audience. …

Mr. L. S. Landers, the prominent Labor Organizer, of Hamilton, the speaker of the evening, was called upon. ‘This is not the first time,’ stated the speaker, ‘that I have spoken in a Griffin’s Opera House. Everyone of these houses, leased by John Griffin and Son, are thrown open, free of charge and without expense to the various Recruiting Leagues. …

If men in Belleville only knew the situation of this war they would rally to the colors and fill the ranks of the 235th Battalion in less than a week. I don’t believe Canadian men are shirkers, or have yellow streaks, but I do believe every man should know and understand the need of men. …

We are going to win this war, but we may lose in the manner in which we would like to have won. If we don’t win hands down, your children will have to fight it out 50 years from now.’ …

Closing the speaker declared, ‘We are losing an occasional battle, but we are going to win the war, and in the last battle is where we will trim the Germans as they have never been trimmed before.’ Great applause was accorded Mr. Landers at the close of his speech. …

The meeting closed with the singing of ‘God Save the King.’ ”

The Intelligencer November 13, 1916 (page 1)

“Presentation at The Khaki Club. On Saturday evening Sergt. Major Sharpe late instructor of the N.C.O.’s class, was presented by his pupils of the 235th Battalion with a handsome ‘companion.’

Private G. Blunder on behalf of the class made the presentation, and in handing over the gift to Sergt. Major Sharpe, thanked him for his great patience and consideration during the somewhat strenuous period of tuition, trusting at the coming examination they would prove themselves worthy pupils.

Sergt. Major Sharpe was much surprised and expressed his appreciation of their kind words and handsome present. …  He expressed his sorrow at severing his connection with the 235th saying it had been one of the happiest associations of his service, and he considered that when the test came on the firing line the boys of the 235th would prove themselves equal to the best and a credit to their Country and Empire.

The class proceed to Kingston today for examination.”

The Intelligencer November 13, 1916 (page 2)


“75 Business Men of Belleville start out To-morrow Morning, November 14th, on the Y.M.C.A. Campaign for $15,000.00. Citizens of Belleville be ready to receive them in a generous spirit. The most valuable asset Belleville possesses is its young men.

By their Labor—they Create wealth.

By their Character—they determine the city’s morals.

By their Standards—they set the mark of citizenship.

By their Progress—they bulwark Belleville’s future.

By their Development—they guarantee Belleville’s greatness.

Do Your Very Best! $15,000.00”

The Intelligencer November 13, 1916 (page 5)

“Belleville Boy Promoted. Word has been received that Lieut. J. E. McCorkell, who left Belleville with the 39th Battalion in June, 1915, has been appointed Captain of the Fifth Canadian Machine Gun Company now in France, dating from Sept. 17th 1916.

Captain McCorkell, is a son-in-law of Mr. and Mrs. S. E. Haight, of this city. Many local friends will be pleased to hear of ‘Joe’s’ promotion.”