100 Years Ago: Belleville Y.M.C.A. Campaign Goal Almost Reached, Huntingdon Township Gives Generous Donation, Ad for Neilson’s Chocolates

The Intelligencer November 17, 1916 (page 2)

“Desired Goal Almost Reached. The campaign inaugurated to raise $15,000 for the Belleville Y.M.C.A. will be brought to a close this evening and the prospects are bright for the realizing of the amount aimed at.

The noon-day lunch to-day at the Y.M.C.A. building was largely attended by workers of the various teams. The ladies who are members of the Ladies Auxiliary of the Association provided a most tempting repast which they themselves served.

Dr. Yeomans presided over the gathering. At the close of the dinner reports were presented by captains of the various teams and they reported since yesterday that $1,261 had been collected. The total subscriptions secured up to noon today were $12,450 leaving $2,550 to be collected in order to reach the desired amount. It was confidently expected that the goal would be reached.

Before adjourning Mr. D. V. Sinclair moved and Mr. P. O. McLaurin seconded a hearty vote of thanks to the members of the Ladies Auxiliary for their interest in the campaign and the providing of the noon day luncheon. The motion was unanimously adopted by a standing vote and the singing of ‘They are Jolly Good Fellows.’ ”

The Intelligencer November 17, 1916 (page 2)

“Huntingdon Township Gives Another Generous Donation for Red Cross and Patriotic Purposes. Recently Mr. J. Elliott, received from Mr. D. L. Fleming, Treasurer of the Township of Huntingdon, $577.20 being donations from the Township of Huntingdon, Moira School Section No. 5 and Bethesda Sunday School …  all of which was used for Red Cross and Patriotic purposes.

The generosity of the ratepayers of the Township of Huntingdon, as evidenced by the above liberal donation sets a good example for other portions of the County of Hastings to follow and those who have so generously contributed are to be congratulated.”

The Intelligencer November 17, 1916 (page 8)


“Surrender. Neilson’s Chocolates. The chocolates that are different.”