100 Years Ago: Married Male Teachers Preferred to Single, Y.M.C.A. Campaign Rally, Jack Phelan Wounded, Deceased Soldiers’ Personal Effects to Ottawa

The Intelligencer November 18. 1916 (page 1)

“Married Men to Have the Preference During the War. A regular monthly meeting of the Board of Education was held in the Council Chamber last night. The business transacted was chiefly of a routine nature. …

Col. Ponton moved, seconded by Mr. McGie, that the Board give notice to all teachers under its jurisdiction, that upon any future engagement or re-engagement of male teachers, preference be given to married men, or those physically unfit by age, or otherwise for active military service.

Col. Ponton spoke in support of the motion. …  This would be an incentive he believed to the senior boys in the school. We will be reflecting public opinion in the move.

Mr. T. E. Ketcheson was in hearty accord of the motion, and he was pleased the motion had been introduced. The motion was adopted by an unanimous vote.”

The Intelligencer November 18, 1916 (page 1)

“Enthusiastic Gathering at Y.M.C.A. Building. The Y.M.C.A. rally last night was an occasion long to be remembered. The auditorium was almost packed full with the canvassers and members of the Ladies Auxiliary. It was certainly an inspiring sight. When the grand total was announced it was found that the Association lacked only $1,300 of reaching the goal of $15,000.

It was unanimously determined to continue the Campaign until Monday evening until 9 o’clock, when the final reports will be handed in. In the meantime every citizen in Belleville, who has not contributed, is most earnestly asked to contribute something, no matter how small.

Great credit is due the boys’ division; there are three teams under the leadership of Captains Ernest Taylor, Max Herity and R. Lazier. They have succeeded in securing $1,343.50. It is believed the boys will be able, with the aid of the men’s teams, to secure to-day and Monday, the balance needed.

Mr. P. C. MacLaurin, Principal of the High School, will organize the boys for a special Campaign, and every one in the city, who has not subscribed, will be invited to do something. It is earnestly hoped that no one will turn these faithful boys away.

Last evening stirring addresses were given by Chairman H. A. Yeomans, M.D., and a hearty vote of thanks was tended him by the entire audience rising. Principal MacLaurin, who has done such effective work in the Campaign, received an ovation. …

The Association feels grateful also to the Press of the city for their liberal reports, and to the ministers of the various churches for their active co-operation. …

The Ladies Auxiliary came in for recognition also, and in a neat speech Mrs. D. V. Sinclair, President of the Auxiliary, told of the interest she and her associates had always had in the success of the Y.M.C.A. A hearty vote of thanks was tended the Auxiliary, and the audience with enthusiasm sang ‘He’s a Jolly Good Fellow.’

The benediction was pronounced by the Rev. Mr. Smith, and the Campaign workers adjourned to start in to get the remaining $1,300 before Monday evening.”

The Intelligencer November 18, 1916 (page 2)

“Lieut. J. M. Phelan Wounded. Yesterday’s casualties, mentioned the name of Lieut. J. M. Phelan, as wounded. ‘Jack’ as he was familiarly known by his many Belleville friends, went overseas with the 80th Battalion last May.

While a native of Ireland, and reported in the list as from that country, he had been a resident of this city for several years, and an efficient employee at the Grand Trunk offices. The extent of his injuries have not yet been learned.”

The Intelligencer November 18, 1916 (page 6)

“The Personal Effects of Deceased Soldiers to Be Sent First to Ottawa. It has been ordered that the personal effects of deceased soldiers are in future to be forwarded immediately to Major Ralph, officer in charge of estates, headquarters, Ottawa, and not sent to next of kin of deceased.

Questioned as to the significance of the order, Major Ralph stated that it is absolutely necessary so that the legal question of heirs and assignees may be properly considered. In several cases, he declares, paymasters have handed out personal effects to claimants who were not legally entitled to them.”