100 Years Ago: Ontario Prime Minister and Leader of Opposition Laud British Red Cross, Khaki Club Honour Roll, James Lawler Wounded

The Intelligencer November 30, 1916 (page 1)

“What Men Say Who Have Seen the Work of the British Red Cross. The Prime Minister of Ontario and The Leader of The Opposition Highly Commend The Great Work of This Society.

‘My visit to England and France has aroused deeper appreciation than ever of the splendid work of the Red Cross. It deserves every support, and I trust the people of Ontario will respond with their usual generosity to the British Red Cross appeal.’ Hon. W. H. Hearst, Prime Minister of Ontario.

‘I bring a message of cheer to those who have relatives at the front and who fear they may be wounded. I believe everything human skill can do, that human care and sympathy can provide, is being done and provided each day and each night throughout the year by the Army Medical corps and the Red Cross. It is a perfect marvel of efficiency.’ Mr. N. W. Rowell, K.C., Leader of the Opposition.

On Tuesday morning next, December 5, every home in Belleville will be visited, and subscriptions asked in support of the British Red Cross Society. Great Britain has asked for Canada’s aid in this great work, and we must not fail the Motherland. The appeal is urgent. Let your donation be liberal.”

The Intelligencer November 30, 1916 (page 2)

“The Khaki Club. A delightful musical programme was given on Wednesday night at the Khaki Club, by Miss Bessie Dolan, assisted by Miss Currie and Mr. Charles Dolan, who played the mandolin. The boys joined in all the choruses, and enjoyed themselves thoroughly. Miss Helen Fraleck and Miss Jessie Fraleck were in charge of the canteen.

During the evening an Honor Roll was hung in the music room, containing the names of members of the 80th Battalion killed in action and wounded. The Club is most grateful to Mrs. R. J. Graham for the gift of a rug.”

The Intelligencer November 30, 1916 (page 2)

“James Vincent Lawler Wounded. Mrs. H. Lawler of 154 1/2 Church street, Belleville, has received the following notification from overseas:

Sincerely regret to inform you that 305649 Gunner James Vincent Lawler, Artillery, officially reported admitted to No. 10 General Hospital, Rouen, Nov. 21st, 1916. Gunshot wound in ankle. Will send further particulars when received. Office in charge of Records.”