100 Years Ago: British Red Cross Society Appeal, Edward Bellow Wounded, Dr. W.C. Brown Ill with Typhoid, Recruiting at Bancroft

The Intelligencer December 1, 1916 (pages 1, 2)

“Citizens of Belleville. The British Red Cross Society gives medical and surgical aid to the wounded. The nurses and doctors who give their heroic services on the firing line, at the base hospitals, on the emergency trains and hospital ships, must have bandages, splints, medicines, stretchers, conveyances, ambulances and everything that goes to succour and heal the wounded. Beds, clothing, antiseptics, instruments, X-Ray apparatus, operating equipment and a thousand other necessary hospital requirements, to take care of the thousands of our brave, cheerful soldiers, who are dying or being maimed for life that we may still be free men.

Money is now urgently needed to carry on this great work. Give and heal. …  All cannot fight—but everyone can give something to heal and comfort the wounded soldiers.

On Tuesday morning next, Dec. 5 you will be asked to help in this great work. The appeal is urgent. Will you give liberally? Will Belleville’s donation be one of which all citizens may be proud? Let everyone do their duty and do it well.”

The Intelligencer December 1, 1916 (page 3)

“Edward Bellow Is Wounded In Action. Ottawa, Nov. 30, 1916. Mrs. Edith Asselstine, 78 Hill Street, Belleville, Ont.

Sincerely regret to inform you 219365 Pte. Edward Bellow, Infantry, officially reported admitted to No. 1 General Hospital, Etratrae, Nov. 21st, 1916, gunshot wound in groin. Will send further particulars when received. Record Office.

Pte. Edward Bellow was an employee of the R. J. Graham Co. for years, and enlisted with the 80th Battalion.”

The Intelligencer December 1, 1916 (page 7)

“Victim of Typhoid. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Brown, of Bellview, Hastings County, received the sad news by cable, of the serious illness of their son, Dr. W. C. Brown, who is in a military hospital in France. He was operated on for appendicitis and is now seriously ill with typhoid.”

The Intelligencer December 1, 1916 (page 7)

“Recruiting Meeting at Bancroft. At the town hall, Bancroft, last night a recruiting meeting was held under the auspices of the 247th Battalion. Among the speakers were Lt.-Col. Ackerman, Commanding Officer of the battalion, and Major E. D. O’Flynn. A number of war relics from the battlefield of France, were exhibited and explained.”