100 Years Ago: The King’s Message, Farmers Need Hotel Stables

The Intelligencer December 26, 1916 (page 1)

“The King’s Message. Ottawa, Dec. 24—The following messages have been received from his Majesty the King by the Governor-General to be communicated to soldiers and sailors:

‘London, Dec. 23—I send you, my sailors and soldiers, hearty good wishes for Christmas and the New Year. My grateful thoughts are ever with you for victories gained, for hardships endured and for your unfailing cheerfulness.

Another Christmas has come round, and we are still at war. But the Empire, confident in you, remains determined to win. May God bless and protect you.’ George, R. I.

Also the following cable to the sick and wounded:

‘At this Christmastide the Queen and I are thinking more than ever of the sick and wounded among my sailors and soldiers. From our hearts we wish them strength to bear their sufferings, speedy restoration to health, a peaceful Christmas and many happier years to come.’ George, R. I. ”

The Intelligencer December 26, 1916 (page 1)

“Farms Are Calling for Accommodation. Kingston. Farmers are complaining about lack of accommodation for their horses, now that several hotels have closed their doors since the new Temperance Act went into force.

In this cold and stormy weather good stabling is required; and just at present it cannot be got because of the closing of hotels and the fact that the military authorities have rented a number of hotel stables. The farmers think that those directly responsible for this condition of affairs should devise ways and means at once of meeting their needs.”