100 Years Ago: I.O.D.E. Tea Room on Front Street, Frankford Detachment Moves to Belleville

The Intelligencer March 7, 1917 (page 2)

“The ladies of Quinte Chapter, I. O. D. E. of this city, have opened up a tea room in the store formerly occupied by Mr. W. B. Riggs on Front street, the object of which is to secure means for Red Cross Work. Mr. Riggs kindly allowed the ladies the use of the store premises, which privilege is much appreciated by him.

A representative of the Intelligencer visited the tea room, and was enchanted with the artistic arrangement of the room, which arrangement was under the supervision of Mrs. S. D. Lazier and Miss Clark. They would feel quite elated, I am sure, to hear the many complimentary remarks made about their artistic ability. They have a victrola, too, kindly loaned by the Lindsay Co., who are always so generous, rendering sweet music while you sip your delicious cup of tea, served in such a dainty manner by the different ladies of the Chapter each day. On Thursday they expect to have home-made cooking for sale.

On display they have a beautiful lunch cloth, beautifully worked, donated by Mrs. W. N. Perry. They have also on view a very pretty picture, painted and donated by Mrs. Geo. Stewart of this city, which is an artistic piece of work. All who visit the tea room will be amply repaid after they have partaken of the good things provided by the ladies, as well as doing your bit to help swell the funds which will be used for Red Cross Work, also encouraging the ladies in their undertaking.”

The Intelligencer March 7, 1917 (page 7)

“A meeting of all the officers of the 254th Battalion, is to be held at the Battalion’s Headquarters in the Armouries to-morrow evening. The men of the Frankford detachment of the 254th Battalion, have been called into Belleville, and will be attached to the local company. Recruiting for the 254th Battalion is very slow at present. The officers believe this state of affairs is due to the recent heavy snow, which hinders the recruiting officers in their work.”